Sunday School

9:45am -10:45am Every Sunday

            Trinity Lutheran Church offers Sunday School for kids Preschool through High School.

 Trinity's Children's Ministries exists to serve the children and families of our congregation and community. There are a variety of programs and activities Children's Ministries sponsors.

 Everything Children's Ministries does is for the purpose of making Trinity's kids aware of Jesus' love for them and the people around them.

 Sunday School meets during the school year from 9:45 - 10:45 am. Special programs during the year include: Rally Day, the Christmas Program, singing at a rest home, Parents Day, Baptismal Birthday and singing in the Church during the year.

 Special projects to earn money to provide assistance for youth attending Bible Camp in the summer are: Fall Fest, and Spring Bake Sale and Recycling.

Sunday School Calendar

Grade Level Special Memory Work 2016-2017

*** For further information and enrollment, Call Cathy Cepican at 708-422-0193. ***



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